Warranty information

Timeless Finders warrants every watch with a 12-month warranty, which commences from the original date of purchase. If your watch stops functioning properly by no fault of your own, your watch is repaired free of charge. Please note that our warranty covers mechanical defects only.

What is not covered under my warranty?

Water damage, theft, loss, force majeure, accidents or damage caused by improper use is not included. Any modifications made to the watch, for example by the addition or substitution of components which were not provided by the manufacturer or Timeless Finders are excluded from warranty. We are not liable for the acts of any sub-contractors or consumers in any way. The warranty contract immediately expires when the purchaser decides to sell a watch to any third party.

What if my watch has a malfunction?

If your watch is still covered by our 12-month warranty, then you may return it to us for further inspection. Watches are repaired free of charge for all customers of Timeless Finders when a purchase is still under warranty. To start the warranty return process, you may make a request using the form below or contact us via email at info@timelessfinders.com. Please do provide us with as much information as possible regarding the malfunction of your watch.