Payment information

Payments can be done through different methods for domestic and international clients. As soon as we have received your payment on our bank account, we will ship your purchased watch within 24-hours. Clients will always receive an invoice including bank details before the actual bank transaction.

Domestic clients

Payment via Ideal – Domestic clients can pay directly through Ideal. Orders paid by Ideal will be shipped within 24-hours after receiving the funds and confirmation from our bank.

Payment in cash

Domestic clients have the option to pay in cash. If you do not want to pay in advance, please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment.

International clients

Payment by bank transaction – Orders paid by bank transaction will be shipped on the day we receive confirmation of the funds from our bank. Regarding international clients, please note that we only accept bank transaction payments from international clients. No other forms of electronic payments are accepted.

Other important notes

Clients must always provide a street address, a cell phone number and e-mail address before shipment.